Saturday, February 20, 2010

goofing off

the other day lucy loo was in SUCH a happy mood. i pulled out a hair band that i haven't put on her b/f & i tried it on her. didn't really love it (or the shots that i took of her w/ it on). BUT when G got up from his nap, he saw it & pulled it on. he does that w/ my workout head bands & so it wasn't unusual that he'd pull lucy's on.

he was happy @ first...but then acted a little foul. maybe b/c i was laughing so hard @ him! :-)

that little look...her expressive.

this is soooo showing up in a senior year or rehearsal dinner slideshow. hahahahaha!!!

love how the bean looks @ her big bro. it's always with such adoration...for now! ;-)

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