Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We are going to be friends

We are going to be friends...

"Tonight I'll dream while I'm in bed
when silly thoughts go through my head
about the bugs and alphabet
and when I wake tommorow I'll bet
that you and I will walk together again
cause I can tell that we're going to be friends."

If you had siblings growing up, I think it's impossible not to hope things for your own children as siblings. For me, it's that Garrett & Lucy (& any subsequent brothers & sisters they'll have) will be friends...that they will love, encourage & challenge each other. That they will enjoy & tolerate :-) one another in ways that only siblings do.

(The verse above is from a song entitled "We are going to be friends" - if you have young kids, check it out; makes a momma's heart melt!)

Everybody's getting ready for bed...our little diaper dandy's!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

two months

it's already been two months? our baby sweetness is getting soooo big, it seems. we think she's around 11 pounds (according to our very scientific weighing method of stepping on the scale w/ her & then w/o her!), she's already pushing her feet out of 0-3 months PJs, & is smiling more & more every day...even making some *cooing* sounds when you're talking to her! she's giving us great sleep @ night...feeding @ 10 & then sleeping from 10:30-7 & we're moving to feeding every 3.5 hours during the day, extending her awake time; she's still challenging us on naps but as long as we're getting that nighttime sleep, we're golden!

tonight's *monthly* photo shoot didn't go so well, as you can see. no wonder in the early days i shot garrett in his PJs...i almost always shot him in the AM (when he was happiest!) & waited until just b/f bed to get these of lucy. she was just spent by the end...note, the *shoot* lasted less than 3 minutes! ;-)

will soon post some cute shots of she & G together, as well as from our trip to TN! happy fall, everyone!
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Monday, September 28, 2009

long weekend

last thursday night we headed to TN...miss lucy's first road trip! the usual 4.5 hours turned into 7 to get there & 7.5 to get back home. long, looong ride. being just 8 weeks into life as a family of 4, perhaps we pushed ourselves a tad. :-)

but everyone was happy to meet our lucy bean & see how much garrett has changed since our last trip there in march. i'll post more pictures later, but the shot above is our big baby giving our little baby some love...& brian's sister, julie, is just eating them both up! being an aunt is such a stellar job!
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Friday, September 18, 2009

isn't she lovely


this was my first attempt at capturing lucy's smile. she's giving them to us pretty regularly now. there's nothing sweeter than picking her up from a nap & having her grin up at you! & for whatever reason, it's brian who does the best job at getting our baby girl to show her gums! :-)
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Sunday, September 13, 2009

such a mimic


G mimics almost anything we do. he has a little monkey that he now carries around up on his shoulder & he pats his back (like i do w/ lucy). he put the same monkey & his lovey in an empty diaper box & pushed it around upstairs the other day (like when brian puts G in a box & pushes him around). he holds brian's blackberry, can turn the wheel, pretends like he makes a call (sometimes he does!) & then sticks it in his little shorts pocket. it's so sweet...& he is now very into hats & if brian's wearing a hat, it has to come off & go on G's head. nevermind that he has his own hats...daddy's hats are apparently WAAAAY cooler. today, he's supporting our alma mater...go buffaloes!
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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

my love


our little lucy is 6 weeks old today...truly, where has it gone? i know many parents don't enjoy the newborn stage, but i was talking to one of my girlfriends the other day & we both agreed that we really do LOVE it. regardless of how you feel about it, it goes so quickly. i think i know that more as a second time mom. so - when i can (like when B's off entertaining G or G's asleep!) - there's been more cuddling, more holding the bean during naps (like in the pic above), etc. & i just love it. i love her. my daughter. my baby girl!

garrett was @ our nanny's house all day yesterday which gave me the opportunity to just spend some focused time w/ lucy. at lucy's age, garrett must've been so tired of me staring @ him all day long...with #2 you just don't have that kind of time, so the days G spends @ nanny m's house are designed to give me some of that with my girl...& i love it. watching her move, literally examining how she's grown...& finally, FINALLY, yesterday getting that coveted smile for ME!

today, though, i was in her room changing her diaper...brian had just come home & G was playing in the floor. G started laughing & was being wild...i turned back to look @ her & she was smiling - i think b/c she could hear G! so i sat her up to look @ him. granted, i know she can't see that far, but i know she knows his voice & she HAS to know what he looks like b/c he gets in her face once an hour & in a soft, high-pitched voice says, "hi, beebee"...while he's practically lying down on her torso or pushing her bouncy seat over. makes this momma's heart melt!
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my man


G-man CA-RACKS me up...he's had this incredible sense of humor as long as we can remember. and he's always been the happiest little boy. but lately it's like he has these jokes...he knows what makes us laugh & some things are funny even to him - whether we think it's funny or not.

one of his favorite things to do is wear our shoes. unfortunately for the slideshow that will play @ his rehearsal dinner one day, it's usually my shoes that end up on his feet...why? b/c my shoes are usually sitting around somewhere downstairs & that's where our camera lives. but i'm always amazed that he can *walk* in the heels. more than anything, i think he truly loves the clacking noise the little (or big) heels make.

love his sweet smile - especially in the middle shot & i love that my days are filled with loving, serving, crying & laughing @ he & my baby girl...i'm blessed beyond measure.
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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

fingerpaint?'s ravioli!

my parents were in last graciously painted our family room/kitchen...ah, the perks of having professional painters in the fam!!! he doesn't even tape off the trim, people...& he did in about 6 hours what would've taken brian & i @ least 2 weekends to complete! thank you, dad!!!

after he was finished painting, dad sat down to watch garrett eat his dinner. i'm not sure how it all started, but the next thing i know i'm headed into the kitchen b/c i hear my mom, dad & garrett all laughing so very hard! i walk into this...

garrett is mimicking every physical action my dad's doing...only my dad didn't have ravioli all over himself - but garrett did! even after his bath, mom had to get the last bits of the sauce out of garrett's ears with a q-tip that night. hahahahaha! i love it!



i love that my dad's still in his paint clothes (& perfectly clean clothes, mind you!) but that his hair is just as wild as garrett' was the only way garrett would mess his own hair up by mocking my dad!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

august in review


the month of august simply flew by! our lucy lynn was one month old on august 29. it's so hard to believe she's only been with us a few short weeks. she's such a sweet, dainty addition to our house.

it's been incredible to watch garrett develop such concern & admiration for her. when he wakes up the first thing he usually says is, "bee bee?" wanting to know where she is. if she's crying, he's getting our attention & again saying "bee bee" & pointing to where she is. when brian came home from work one day, he saw brian, ran to where lucy was in her bouncy seat & patted her on the chest & told brian, "bee bee" if to say, "look daddy! here she is!" it's precious...he kisses her, tries to give her a paci, flies into her room ahead of us when we go to get her, happily throws away her dirty diapers or tosses her dirty clothes into the laundry basket.

miss lucy bean will have her one month appt this friday...we'll report on her stats then. :-) but she's already grown out of her newborn sized clothing...her hands & face are filling out. her only struggle seems to be perhaps some mild reflux - we hope to work on some resolution with that @ friday's appt too.

the past few weeks we've been reminded of just how blessed we are in the gifts of our healthy little children. we praise God for the beautiful lives of garrett & lucy...thanking Him for entrusting them to us for this time. all the while, watching another couple we know walk through one of the most difficult things any parent ever faces - the loss of a child. sweet samuel was born just 3 days after our own lucy...his parents bryan & kathryn held him monday as he went ahead of them to become one of heaven's little angels. such unspeakable sadness. as we rejoice in lucy's life, we mourn for the apinis family & ask that you pray for them & ask our Father to heal their hearts in a way that is only possible through faith in Him. you can read their incredible journey @

on yet another note, i wanted to thank both of our parents...gary (pop pop), martha (mimi), ronnie (papa) & becky (mah-mom/mimi)...for all of the help they've been to us since lucy's birth. and it's amazing to see how garrett's relationship with each of them has EXPLODED in the last two months. he definitely remembers them all, loves looking @ their pictures & talks about them (one day he went down for his nap naming everyone). thank you guys for loving us & our babies the way you do!

lucy's first social outing...tagging along to garrett's playgroup!

she doesn't always appreciate his kisses...or him crawling all over...or pushing her head to the right & left...or him tossing a book onto her face! :-)

this little woman doesn't like being on her tummy in the least!

lucy & garrett both @ one month.